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Fill out our petition to ask your legislators to stop the monopoly on local ADSL access.
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 Welcome to DSL Libre
DSL Libre article at El San Juan Star [Jul-5-03] - On page 57 of El San Juan Star dated saturday, July 5, there is an article mentioning the DSL Libre effort. The article was prepared by journalist Michelle Kantrow Vázquez and is titled "Puerto Rico atrás en el desarrollo de banda ancha".
ĄTwo Thousand Petitions for DSL Libre! [May-14-03] - We are pleased to announce that today we surpassed 2,000 petitions to the Legislature of Puerto Rico demanding freedom of choice on ADSL broadband lines. This level clearly indicates the desire of the Puertorrican Internet community to have an open broadband market. We encourage you to keep sending your petitions to finally achieve our hearing at the Legislature.
Committee for DSL Libre [Mar-27-03] - This week the Committee fod DSL Libre was formally organized. The committee includes three members from the ISP and telecom industry and thre members from the consultant and end user communities. The committee had its first meeting this week with advisors for Senator Cirilo Tirado to discuss the need for a broadband strategy in Puerto Rico and propose possible plans to achieve free competition in the local ADSL market.
One Thousand Petitions for DSL Libre! [Dec-20-02] - We are pleased to announce that today we surpassed 1,000 petitions to the Legislature of Puerto Rico demanding freedom of choice on ADSL broadband lines and firmly opposing the current practice by the phone company to tie the Internet service to the phone service, preventing free competition. We sincerely thank all those that have supported this effort by sending their petition. To those that have still not done so, we encourage you to send your petition to have your voice heard on this effort.
DSL Libre article at VidaDigital [Nov-16-02] - On the business section of the Nov-17 edition of El Nuevo Día there is an article on DSL Libre including allegations by PRT. You can read our response on the forums (Spanish).
DSL Libre starts operations [Oct-24-02] - Starting operations today is this portal to promote awareness about the need for free choice on broadband connections in Puerto Rico.

Puerto Rico has fallen behind in high speed (broadband) Internet access. Less than 6 % of all local connections to the Internet could be considered broadband, about a third of the level in the United States and a tenth of the level in Korea. Currently there is no governmental commitment in this area and no incentives for better facilities or free competition among providers. Even though a great portion of the phone infrastructure for ADSL goes via public land, the phone company does not allow subscribers a choice of ISP for their connections, forcing them to accept the service and rates of their own Internet service, in effect monopolizing the local ADSL service. Más...

We all lose by not having free choice. Without competition in broadband access, there are no options for lower costs or higher speed and functionality. Without availability guarantees, the subscriber is subject to outage periods that could be significant. In effect, having a single provider forces the market to accept what that provider is willing to offer. The long distance and cellular phone markets are clear examples that more competition in telecommunication services produces lower costs and better service. Even though it is one of the main shareholders in the local phone company, the local government has not taken any action to promote free choice and achieve this great benefit for its people. Más...

Other countries where there is active cooperation between government and industry have accelerated the availability of high speed Internet connections at a low cost. With enough volume, the prices for broadband connections should reach the levels of regular dialup connections. In South Korea over 60% of all households have broadband Internet access, at prices as low as $ 25 per month. In Singapore over 33 % of the population has access to broadband connections and a free choice among 12 different providers. Más...

Freedom when selecting a broadband provider is a right that should not be restricted by profit considerations at the phone company. We should not resign ourselves to what the line provider wants to offer. The availability of broadband connections at low prices is important in the development of Puerto Rico. Martin Luther King, Jr. said "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere". Don't allow the phone company to continue blocking our choices. Join our efforts to create awareness of this problem with your legislators and visit our forums to discuss more on this subject.Más...
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